The Usual Suspects.


From left to right : 

Chirag Katti : An incredible talent on the Sitar. He performs at Indian Classical music concerts all over India and was one of our session musicians. 

Paul George : A very gifted and talented musician / guitarist. Paul's developed a style of playing all his own, using Gypsy scale with hints of Jazz and Classical. He's also the front man for Australian band Tijuana Cartel. 

Carey O' Sullivan : The other key member of Tijuana Cartel. Carey looks after much of the production side of the band and is also a bit of a genius when it comes to music programming & manipulation. A jack-of-all-trades and master of many. 

Ojas Adhiya : A truly awesome Tabla player and one of our session musicians while in Mumbai. I meet Ojas at an India Classical Music recital in Mumbai. He plays a lot of concerts with his friend Chirag who plays Sitar. Another musician told me that Ojas is in the top 20 Tabla players in Mumbai. That's saying a lot considering he's 19 years old and there's over 18 million people in Mumbai...... with a lot of Tabla players. 

Robert Chomicz : That's me, the guy behind the music of Gavri. I was very fortunate to be invited to India by my two friends Paul and Carey, they were about to embark on a three month residency working at the Marriot Hotel...... playing under the guise of Audio Shaman. Our plan was to work on our music projects and to share in the process of working and recording with some of the local musicians in Mumbai.

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