Gavri makes it on a Klub Kids Compilation Album.

Back in 2011 Klub Kids label boss Kid Kenobi started a little mix series called 'Soulsteps' (Just for the love). It covered off some of the deeper dubstep and 'future garage' vibes that were emerging at the time and soon… Read more

Picking up a Remix by Modern Legends.

Today I  took a drive down to Byron Bay to met up with the guys of EDU (Elemental Dark Underground). Under the guise of Modern Legends, they've been working on a Remix of the Gavri track "Closer To…


A city not for the faint hearted, especially in June. I managed to time my visit with a heat wave that was scorching the northern interior regions of India. Days of  47 degree (Celsius) were getting hard to bear, and… Read more

Dinner and a Jam.

 What a treat ! Invited to Indira’s place for dinner and and a evening of live music. I was asked to bring my recording gear to capture the event. Slowly the room was filling up with family and friends /…Read more

Introducing Anushka Manchanda.

What a sweet and sexy voice this young starlet has. Heralding from an Indian pop girl group called VIVA, now disbanded, Anushka lends her voice to singing songs for Bollywood movies and doing live performances. Her mobile phone seems never…Read more

Tabla Sessions - Performed by Ojas Adhiya.

While at Santa Cruz railway station (Mumbai) I had a chance meeting with a local photographer, Nitin Patel, who I later realised as being a very helpful and talented young guy. I was in the middle of shooting some time-lapse… Read more

Introducing Indira Naik.

A singer who’s voice is an instrument of beauty and power, evoking images of modern grace and old-world mysticism. Classically trained in the Patiala Gayaki (Hindustani classical music), Indira’s voice is a tribute to age old traditions set against the…Read more

The Usual Suspects.


From left to right : 

Chirag Katti : An incredible talent on the Sitar. He performs at Indian Classical music concerts all over India and was one of our session musicians. 

Paul George : A very gifted…

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The Debut Album release by Gavri.

 Well here it is, my debut Gavri album, Global Inspiration. After a lot of late nights, technical nightmares, travel and soul searching, I finally managed to put the pieces together…..hope you enjoy it ! 


The recording of vocals for the song Gatchami.

Seven long hours on a train west of Mumbai, I found myself in the enchantment of Ellora Caves. The caves are World Heritage listed and not far from Aurangabad in India. While I was exploring these ancient monuments and shrines,…Read more

Moroccan Stories.

Flying into Casablanca on a midnight flight from London I knew I was in for an adventure.


While waiting in the cue to go through Customs a middle-aged man found himself next to me asking questions and being…

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Recording the vocals for Gloryland.

A chance meeting on a train, in the south of Italy. Journeying with a friend from Brindisi to Rome, three free spirits board the train at a midnight stop.

Native to Cameroon, Cecelia and her friends joined my…

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