Rankin, HBN Radio, Pennsylvania, USA.

Shades of Afrocelt Sound System blended with Deep Forest, Global inspiration blends musical styles and influences from around the globe. Gavri has put together an outstanding world music release, with sometimes haunting vocals set to a panoply of world riddims. Terrific percussion adds to the cornucopia of wide ranging beats and melodies. This is a great and diverse inaugural release that leaves you wanting to hear more. And I'm sure we will.  **** A four-star rating, with tracks 1, 6 and 12 slated for play on the World Party, starting this week.

Dusty Durst, Radio KCLC FM 89.1, Missouri, USA.

"Very good CD, it was an instant trip to the south and warmer climates. I really like this music and Gavri has done very well on this musical adventure". 

Jacob\'s Ladder Festival - Menachem Vinegrad – Israel.

A wonderful experience- A surprisingly unusual mix of World and ambient music. Enjoyable DVD too. Takes you away to far away places. "Mysterious Place" has an authentic Middle Eastern flavour. (I should know.) Peace Menachem Vinegrad- Radio Upper Galilee- Israel. 

Peter Merrett, PBS FM Melbourne, Australia.

"We have just received Gavri's absolutely incredible CD "Global Inspiration". Passionate, stylish and beautifully crafted. Great to hear music dripping with passion, experience and a story full of mystique. Stunning indeed. Gavri has a sound that is engaging mesmerizing, haunting and holds you with it's story and composition". 

Simon James, Talent Magazine Australia.

The debut album by GAVRI, "Global Inspiration" is a seamless blend of unity where voices and traditional instruments transcend geographic borders. Beats & samples pulse alongside traditional instruments and ethereal voices of the East, in a down-tempo fusion of cutting edge production. A new Australian world music Artist with a fresh and unique sound.


ABC Radio, Melbourne, Australia.

The CD, Gavri ( is pretty darned hot. Well, hot and zen at the same time. Our Indian Eye, Clement Paligaru got all flushed when the Indian rhythms came flooding through the Club's speakers...... 

Dr StrangeDub (Michael Rose) KFAI-FM Minnesota USA.

Wow...not since the early Fuse compilations and the heyday of Transglobal Underground have I heard such great globe-trotting music. And this truly is "globe-trotting" -- with artists from around Asia and Africa, and real street sounds in the mix as well. Gavri takes the listener on a musical journey.... and destinations are quite spectacular. Can't wait to hear more... 

Erica Fox, Radio WVAS-FM Alabama USA.

"Oh this cd makes you soar! I really like #2, #9, and #10. #11 is my favorite and is intireley too short!! Tell them to re-record it and make it longer!!! That's an appetizer teaser song!!! I like how this cd makes me travel in my mind. Beautifully done".

Paul Jove, Radio Contemporanea 103.7FM - Bolivia.

Gavri's "Global Inspiration" certainly lets u in every track to that atmosphere wherever u are in the world. Carefully constructed sounds and songs. A great release and look forward to the next ! 

Phill Ashby, Satellite Music Australia.

This CD is an outstanding example of fusion. Robert Chomicz’s talent is clear as he seamlessly blends traditional instruments with modern beats issuing the listener with a visa for escapism. 


Mark Robinson, GeorgeFM New Zealand.

Hi,  this is a beautiful album full of warm exotic sounds that takes one away to far off places. I particularly love the sounds of Indian music and voice and the fusion here with drum beats is very nice indeed.


Henry Brun, Radio KRTU Texas USA.

The name serves it right. Beautiful presentation. 

BALDACCHINO Salvatore, Radio TQV Belgium.

GAVRI : Global Inspiration (IC Zed) Gavri c’est une fusion de la musique populaire australienne vers notre monde contemporain. Musicalement, on pourrait appeler ça de la ‘New World Beat’. C’est Robert Chomicz qui se cache derrière le pseudo Gavri. Un témoignage de son vécu en Tanzanie, au Kenya et surtout en Inde. Cette tradition des sons est soutenue par un groove moderne, le tout porté très haut par l’électro léger et aérien. Un album qui vous met à nu …Salvatore Baldacchino 

Tony Wickham, Radio Maldwyn, UK.

This is fascinating. I love the amazing amalgam of rich sounds folded into these compositions, and it is a pleasure to include this in the 'Jazz World' show. 

Mitchell Mendys, Radio WKNH, New Hampshire, USA.

Gavri, mysteriously beautiful, & evocative music!!! This is exactly the groove that I love and enjoy putting out over the air. Every track is a many faceted jewel.......... I have multi shows to play it on and I'll be playing the whole CD over the summer, sitting en-tranced in the studio!!! 

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