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The World Music Artist behind the name GAVRI is Robert Chomicz, an Australian based musician & composer who has written and produced music for film, television and record.

Gavri’s wish is to transport you to the fantastic cultures and striking colours of humankind through a visual & sonic journey of discovery. Re-inventing sounds of the world and exploring the beauty of being, Gavri speaks with angelic sounds and magical artists, witnessed by those who wish to see much more than this moment in time.


Gavri - Global Inspiration  (CD Hardcopy)
  • Gavri - Global Inspiration  (CD Hardcopy)
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The debut album by Gavri. An uplifting melodic sound that melds African & Indian vocals and ethnic instruments with modern beats, guitars, traditional percussion and smooth electronica. 

Global Inspiration comes as an enhanced CD with an interactive visual feature. This invites the viewer to experience some of the beautiful imagery of the GAVRI journeys through the film clip to 'Mysterious Place'‚ (shot in India) and via the image gallery. (As part of a physical CD purchase only.) Distributed in Australia by MGM Distribution.

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New Gavri Release

New Single - Mantra.


Closer To You - Feat. Anushka Manchanda (CD Hardcopy)
  • Closer To You - Feat. Anushka Manchanda (CD Hardcopy)
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Closer To You - Featuring Anushka Manchanda, the latest offering from Electronic World Music artist Gavri, is a smooth and sophisticated ride. Combining recordings from India and Australia, Closer To You is a soothing fusion of chilled world electronica, a hint of jazz and the sensual vocals of India's Anushka Manchanda, performing the lyrics in Hindi.

The EP contains the title track "Closer To You", a bonus track and four new remixes, each one a diverse approach to the original production, with mix styles ranging from Kid Kenobi's fresh take on UK Garage and Gavri's latin inspired funk to Modern Legendz Goa influenced deep minimal techno. The EP also features the previously un-released track 'Through The Looking Glass', a mysterious and evolving soundscape with emotive cinematic overtones.

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Checkout my side project Mandelray. New 5 track EP "Peyote Tree"....in store now !

Deep In The House Vol 1 - Featuring the Gavri track Closer To You , remixed by Kid Kenobi. 
Back in 2011 Klub Kids label boss Kid Kenobi started a little mix series called 'Soulsteps' (Just for the love). It covered off some of the deeper dubstep and 'future garage' vibes that were emerging at the time and soon became a firm favourite with both himself and his fans. Little wonder then that the Kid has always been keen to stamp these sounds on his own label Klub Kids. Fast forward a couple of years and finally, Klub Kids have managed to put some of these moments together for you on the one compilation. Check it out on iTunes.

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