Tabla Sessions - Performed by Ojas Adhiya.

While at Santa Cruz railway station (Mumbai) I had a chance meeting with a local photographer, Nitin Patel, who I later realised as being a very helpful and talented young guy. I was in the middle of shooting some time-lapse 8mm film, collecting footage for an upcoming Gavri video clip. After explaining to him that I was in India looking for musicians to record with, he mentioned he had some contacts and may be able to help………

A few days later I was invited by Nitin to go to an Indian classical music recital. This was where I had the pleasure to first hear the inspiring talents of 19-year-old Ojas Adhjya, an extremely talented Tabla player. After the concert I was introduced to a young guy who kindly offered to provide me with Ojas’s phone number.

Again, just a few days later, Nitin calls me with the number and the rest is history. We organized to meet at my hotel and do the recording session in the hotel room. It was an interesting process as the recording session was a combined effort between two other musicians and friends, Paul George & Carey O’Sullivan from Tijuana Cartel. We all contributed tracks for Ojas to perform to, and given the limited time and resources the results were great. Just one way a chance encounter can lead to a privileged experience…………Thanks Ojas…………and Nitin.