Introducing Indira Naik.

A singer who’s voice is an instrument of beauty and power, evoking images of modern grace and old-world mysticism. Classically trained in the Patiala Gayaki (Hindustani classical music), Indira’s voice is a tribute to age old traditions set against the backdrop of our times.

Having the pleasure and experience of working with this gifted artist was certainly one of the highlights of my trip to India. Her generous spirit became evident when we got a call inviting myself and my two music colleagues to her home for dinner, and requesting Paul to bring his guitar and for me to bring my recording gear. There will be a group of musician’s, all friends of Indira, coming to dinner and for the Jam session that is to follow. Some of the instruments include Flute, Sarod, Tabla, Harmonium, Violin Guitar and Vocals by Indira…………I’ll be updating this article after the event…………..stay tuned.

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