Picking up a Remix by Modern Legends.

Today I  took a drive down to Byron Bay to met up with the guys of EDU (Elemental Dark Underground). Under the guise of Modern Legends, they've been working on a Remix of the Gavri track "Closer To You" for the soon to be released single. Meeting up with the guys in one of the studios at the SAE where one of them works was a bonus, a great listening environment and time to hangout and get a better understanding in how these guys work. I even got to sit in on a class the guys taught on Production and got to answer a few questions the students threw at me.


I got to say it was a very refreshing and inspiring experience. It's great to meet artists who really have a deep understanding of their equipment, especially when it comes to manipulating  old school analog hardware, working to midi clock and performing it all live without the aid of a computer driving the whole thing. It's definitely an adventurous approach and one that pretty much guarantees that a performance will never sound the same twice. For me, allowing an element of the unknown always adds to a performance, and working like this in a studio environment can often produce some amazing results.  



Hearing the Modern Legends remix of "Closer To You" was a blast ! Sonically lush, full and brilliant, with a 130bpm minimal techno vibe it features the vocal talents of Anushka Manchanda and flute performances by Himanshu Nanda. Due for release late April 2013……

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