Gavri makes it on a Klub Kids Compilation Album.

Back in 2011 Klub Kids label boss Kid Kenobi started a little mix series called 'Soulsteps' (Just for the love). It covered off some of the deeper dubstep and 'future garage' vibes that were emerging at the time and soon became a firm favourite with both himself and his fans. Little wonder then that the Kid has always been keen to stamp these sounds on his own label Klub Kids.

Mix Tracklist:

01. Walk Away (Original) - Nick Lynar
02. Dark Moon (Original) - Darper + Dark Moon (Rektchordz Remix) - Darper
03. Fiction (Original) - Darper
04. Make U See (Original) - Another (EXCLUSIVE)
05. Closer To You (Kid Kenobi Remix) - Gavri feat. Anushka Manchanda
06. It Could Be (Original) - Kill Light feat. Kashii
07. Cherry - Kill Light
08. True Love (Motez Remix) - Nick Lynar + True Love (Philly Blunt Remix) - Nick Lynar
09. Rays (Original) - ParaKord (EXCLUSIVE)
10. Tekken (ParaKord Remix) - Alex Preston feat. Xamplify (EXCLUSIVE)
11. Inner Soul (Original) - Myli D (EXCLUSIVE)
12. Perfect 10 (Hugga Thugg Remix) - The Mane Thing & Sazon Booya
13. You Take Me There (Diamond Lights Remix) - Aquasky feat. Diane Charlemagne

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