Secrets You Keep


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Dreamy dark and mysterious, Secrets You Keep hints at taking you on a hypnotic and meditative journey. With its cinematic atmospheres, Depeche Mode like vocal performed by John Desmarchelier and the angelic female vocal performance of Odette Avalon, Mandelray explores new sonic textures within the Electronica realm.

The track is anchored by a solid low-end bounce with beats ranging from filtered percussion, elements of glitch and traditional drums. The intricate and inventive use of synths and electric guitar only adds to the dynamics of the track and blends well with the swelling background vocals and additional sonic atmospheres that help create much of the emotive expression of the song. Lyrically the track expresses the need for connection, the wish for intimacy and the eternal search and desire for love.

Credits : Written by John Desmarchelier, Robert Chomicz and Odette Avalon. Vocals by John Desmarchelier and Odette Avalon, Guitars, Keys and Programming by Robert Chomicz. Produced, Engineered and Mastered by Robert Chomicz.

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